What your Pharmacist Doesn’t Tell You About Yeast Infections

Americans spend over $2 billion dollars each year on over-the-counter anti-yeast infection products aimed at treating skin disorders and symptoms that are associated with common yeast infections throughout the body, caused primarily by candida albicans. This level of expenditure gives you strong implications about the need for repeat product dosing. After wasting a lot of time applying treatments and saying good-bye to your hard earned money, you still have the infection! Most would agree that this is simply unacceptable! You can spend years like this treating the symptoms without actually treating the infection and what is causing it!

Have you ever considered how people treated yeast infections before the now massive, worldwide pharmaceutical companies began selling us their “cures” in the form of pills, creams and potions? If these products are so “revolutionary,” why are yeast infections more rampant than ever? Why are so many of us finding ourselves chronically plagued by repeat bouts of yeast infection misery? It is clear that the drug companies are not curing you…they are, however, keeping your money flowing into their pockets as you seek relief from ongoing flare ups of yeast growth in your body!

This continuing money flow is supported by our ignorance and addiction to the treatments that are only effective in the short term, that will conceal the pain, suppress the symptoms and require you to come back again and again in the future for more creams, pills and lotions. And remember, the fact that the medications are not curing the problem means the cause is going to return stronger than ever. The root cause of the problem has not been treated. Interesting to wonder if this isn’t upholding the notion that “A customer cured is a customer lost”! If you get cured right away, that becomes a customer lost for the pharmaceutical company. That just won’t adequately support the massive enterprise of pharmaceutical production for long. They need you to remain a repeat customer….

Overcoming dependency on synthetic pharmaceutical products and repeat doctor visits requires you to become well educated about the ecology of your body systems and how well your lifestyle promotes and deepens the health of those systems. Remember that giving your health time is an investment for your future and necessitates a rearranging of priorities and practices. The following points can help you begin your movement into becoming informed and well prepared in dealing with the multiple factors involved in chronic yeast infections. You’ll notice that the suggestions are centered around the restoration of whole-body and immune system health and not solely focused on treating symptoms:

  • During month one, gradually give up yeast and sugary products.
  • By month two, begin eliminating cow dairy products.
  • Begin eliminating red meat from your diet when you reach month three.
  • Learn to enjoy cooking ”from scratch.” Mediterranean and Oriental cooking are particularly good for grains, vegetables and sea vegetables using little or no sugar and/or yeast.
  • Having a good sleep routine revitalizes your immune system. Getting to bed early and rising early promotes good health and allows the body to ward off the causes of yeast infection.
  • Use a natural soap from your local health food store to bathe your body daily.
  • Wear clothing made from cotton, linen, hemp and other natural fibers.
  • Tea tree oil and garlic water are helpful in cleansing the area of bacteria, but the most important thing is to stop eating the things that are causing the candida bacteria to proliferate in the first place.

These are tips you are not likely to ever receive from your pharmacist! The strength you can derive from initiating these natural lifestyle changes can be indispensable in curing vaginal yeast infection.

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