Probiotics – Spring Clean Your Body by Eliminating Candida Infections

You know that without detergent, your clothes will never become completely clean. Water alone will not remove deep-rooted stains. Likewise, anti-fungal products and colon cleansers alone will not allow your intestines complete recovery from a yeast or bacterial infection without the cleansing and purification abilities of the friendly bacteria often referred to as probiotics. They do things to improve the digestive tract like nothing else can. Their presence in the intestines is like that soap in your washing machine.

The advantage of removing a yeast infection by taking large quantities of probiotics is of great benefit. However, how much probiotic to take is the missing link in fully understanding the use of friendly flora to fight yeast infections successfully. Your needs may exceed what the majority of culture products offer. If you have a mountain of dirt to move it’s going to take several earthmovers and many weeks in order to get the job done. A group of people with picks and shovels is not enough. The same applies to removing a massive yeast infection. It takes a serious and enormous input from probiotic cultures, along with proper diet and related anti-yeast therapies, to do all the work necessary to heal and bring you back to a state of wellness.

Here are two basic requirements:

  1. Add enough of the right kinds of friendly bacteria to cover your entire intestinal tract. Consulting with your doctor, naturopathic physician, or holistic health care professional can help you determine your needs and the best probiotic products available to you.
  2. Give the bacteria enough time to multiply substantially, adhere adequately to your intestines, and thus accomplish their goals of complete intestinal purity. If sufficient amounts of these friendly floras occupy your intestines over time, they will help to prevent the majority of intestinal ailments, discomforts and inflammation from arising.

Probiotic Benefits Include:

  • They produce a volatile fatty acid which helps make it difficult for fungus and yeast cells to survive and flourish in your intestines.
  • Along with killing off the overgrowth of candida, probiotics can be instrumental in resolving constipation. Ingesting large amounts of the friendly bacteria can greatly aid in the processing of bodily wastes, decreasing the amount of time it takes for waste products to travel through your digestive system.
  • Probiotics stimulate the formation of antibodies, which in turn counteract harmful substances and organisms, such as candida, in your body that would otherwise result in infections and disease.
  • Probiotic intestinal flora create at least seven essential B vitamins necessary for human health, including folic acid, riboflavin, biotin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine and cobalamin as well as Vitamin K. Such balance contributes to system-wide balance and strength.
  • Probiotics prevent destructive bacteria from taking over in the colon, where they often produce foul-smelling waste products and create painful intestinal gas and bloating. Excess gas resulting in chronic flatulence is often a direct result of having too little friendly flora in the colon, which in turn allows harmful bacteria and yeasts to proliferate and grow very quickly.

Any type of yeast, bacteria or virus will have a harder time surviving in a body that is as strong as it can be. Your immune system can benefit greatly from better digestion after a thorough “spring cleaning” with probiotic therapy, and a stronger immune system helps your body “clean up” maladies like yeast infections, and other common illnesses like colds and the flu. When used alongside a healthy diet and nutritional supplements, probiotics can make a real, sustained difference in your long-term preventive health.

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