Could Yeast Be Causing Your Painful, Bothersome Acne?

Candida overgrowth (also known as yeast infection) is certainly not a new problem, and is usually thought of as a relatively minor, bothersome infection of the mucous membranes, skin and nails. But the increased and sometimes excessive use of antibiotics, birth control pills, prescription medications and steroids can allow candida to become a chronic, systemic infection that causes tissue damage throughout the body. One of the conditions involving tissue damage is, or course, acne. Additionally and ironically, some acne medications themselves kill the good bacteria found in the intestinal tract. This die-off of the good bacteria creates an environment conducive to candida overgrowth, which can then contribute to subsequent acne outbreaks.

Most people treat acne from the skin level, but in order to overcome recurrence of acne, the root cause must be dealt with. Rampant candida growth is what happens when the internal bacteria environment gets out of balance and causes the microorganism called candida albicans to mutate into a fungal or a mycelial form. Mycelial candida cells are able to actually pierce the small intestine and enter the bloodstream, thus spreading throughout the body. It’s important to note here that mycelial candida cells release eighty toxins each! Multiply that by billions and you can begin to fathom the massive amount of toxins your body has to deal with throughout all of its systems with this process of overgrowth. Combined with the natural release of toxins from normal cells causes great stress within the detoxifying organs. If this brings to mind the picture of a 100-car pile up on a busy freeway caused by a pollution spewing clunker heading the wrong way in the fast lane, you’ve gotten the gist of what your body is facing when candida overgrowth takes place! Acne is only one of the results of such a system wide dilemma.

It may be wise for you to begin reversing the overgrowth by reevaluating what you eat. Certain diets can contribute to candida growing out of control and spreading throughout the body at unhealthy levels, which could be the primary cause of your acne, particularly in adults. Often acne sufferers who crave sweets and break out from eating sugar are also candida sufferers. Candida thrives on high-sugar foods. This is due to the candida feeding ravenously on sugar and subsequently overgrowing. If you cut out the sugar, which is candida’s lifeline, and make some other dietary changes you can expect to find a great deal of relief. In other words, a simple candida diet would be to stay away from refined sugar and carbohydrates, inorganic meats and dairy.

A candida cleansing diet would include organic chicken, beef and wild caught fish, green raw vegetables, olive oil, seeds, legumes and garlic are foods that can be consumed when on an anti candida diet. You may consider starting this new dietary regimen with a three-day vegetable juice fast, which will help sweep away toxic build-up. You should drink a variety of juices during your fast, but those made from carrots, apples, and beets with their tops, as well as green drinks (spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass), are especially supportive of an acne cleanse. And always remember to drink plenty of water when practicing any cleansing or detoxifying program.

You may find that your acne actually worsens immediately after trying these dietary therapies because your skin is eliminating toxins at a faster rate than usual, but once the toxins are expelled, your acne should be reduced or even eliminated.

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