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Yeast Infection – Meet the Enemies

…of the yeast infestation that causes you chronic burning, itching, pain, discharge and redness. Meet the enemies of the most common cause of such misery – candida albicans. Getting to know the adversary means discovering the most effective means to end the “dream home environment” your body frequently becomes for this nasty microscopic fungi. The […]

Beware of “Legends of the Yeast” Part 2

Legend #3: Yeast causes yeast infections. Fact: This isn’t really true either. While the itching and pain of yeast infection is being caused, usually, by candida yeast, that isn’t what caused the infection in the first place. There are over 17 different environmental and health conditions that can trigger yeast infections. Many of them have […]

Beware of “Legends of the Yeast” Part One

Yeast infections seem like such an ordinary problem that many of us almost look at them as an inevitable part of life. There is also a great deal of misinformation, deemed as “common understandings,” about yeast infections on numerous websites posted on the web. Don’t make an even greater mistake by determining important health decisions […]

A Yeast Infection’s “Best Food Friends and Allies”

There are 10 times as many bacteria (about 60 trillion) in our intestines as cells in our entire body. When you eat sugars and grains, which break down to sugar, the sugar serves as fuel for bad bacteria and yeast to thrive on. Eventually, the infection in the intestine through such a dietary regimen can […]