Beware of “Legends of the Yeast” Part 2

Legend #3: Yeast causes yeast infections.

Fact: This isn’t really true either. While the itching and pain of yeast infection is being caused, usually, by candida yeast, that isn’t what caused the infection in the first place. There are over 17 different environmental and health conditions that can trigger yeast infections. Many of them have little or nothing to do with yeast.

Some of these causes are quite harmless, like using the wrong brand of soap, but others are quite serious, such as environmental pollution, and reaction to various types of chemicals found in processed food. Your chronic infections could be your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong and that you need to see your doctor. Keep searching until you have the correct answers to these problems.

Legend #4 – You can always tell you have a yeast infection because the symptoms are so obvious.

Fact: It isn’t true. The symptoms of a yeast infection are definitely not exclusive to infections caused by Candida albicans yeast. That means that other types of conditions, including infections caused by bacteria and parasites, give you the same itch, the same redness, and very similar discharge. This is true for both vaginal yeast infections and male yeast infections.

This should matter to you because bacterial infections are actually more common than yeast infections, and studies have proven that the majority of women who self-diagnose their own symptoms are getting it wrong.

Some of these so called “yeast infections” can cause permanent damage to your reproductive organs and prevent you from having children. And some of these infections can be sexually transmitted to your partner.

It is more important than ever to carefully research and cross check resources dealing with your health. Be sure to not second-guess symptoms. Get checked by a physician when you’re uncertain about a yeast infection, and be sure to discuss natural methods of eradicating overgrowth of candida rather than moving into pharmaceuticals, which may only bring you more misery.

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