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Yeast Infection No More Review

Why Is Yeast Infection No More The Best Selling Candida Book In Internet History, With Thousands Of Satisfied (And Now Yeast Infection Free) Users In 127 Countries Worldwide?

What You Need to Know to Keep From Hurting Your Kids When You’re Actually Trying to Help Them….

You might know the scenario: Your child has come home sniffling, coughing and sneezing from school or you may have an infant that has presented with the same types of symptoms. You check his or her temperature and find that it’s above normal. Off to the doctor you go and before you know it, you’re […]

Why Most Yeast Infection Treatments Fail to Provide Permanent Relief

Have you ever stopped to consider the fact that most women who suffer from chronic yeast infections seldom seem to find permanent resolution of the problem? In fact, most sufferers keep their partially used medications on hand for “future need” without a second thought about ‘why’ such a practice is even necessary. And with that, […]

What your Pharmacist Doesn’t Tell You About Yeast Infections

Americans spend over $2 billion dollars each year on over-the-counter anti-yeast infection products aimed at treating skin disorders and symptoms that are associated with common yeast infections throughout the body, caused primarily by candida albicans. This level of expenditure gives you strong implications about the need for repeat product dosing. After wasting a lot of […]

What Could Yeast Possibly Have To Do With Your Inflamed Sinuses?

The Surprising Answer…. Discovering the connection between your inflamed sinuses and yeast infestation in the body begins, ironically, by examining the function of our digestive system. Our digestive system is the key to good health throughout our entire body, and when it is not functioning properly it affects the central nervous system, which sends out […]

Yeast Infection – Meet the Enemies

…of the yeast infestation that causes you chronic burning, itching, pain, discharge and redness. Meet the enemies of the most common cause of such misery – candida albicans. Getting to know the adversary means discovering the most effective means to end the “dream home environment” your body frequently becomes for this nasty microscopic fungi. The […]

Probiotics – Spring Clean Your Body by Eliminating Candida Infections

You know that without detergent, your clothes will never become completely clean. Water alone will not remove deep-rooted stains. Likewise, anti-fungal products and colon cleansers alone will not allow your intestines complete recovery from a yeast or bacterial infection without the cleansing and purification abilities of the friendly bacteria often referred to as probiotics. They […]

Could Yeast Be Feasting On Your Best Friend?

The best friend for many of us is…your family dog! And the thought of our precious pet suffering from a painful, persistent yeast infection is something you’d surely like to avoid. So, awareness of when and how yeast attacks is crucial. How to successfully treat such an attack is of equal importance. To begin, let’s […]

Could Yeast Be Causing Your Painful, Bothersome Acne?

Candida overgrowth (also known as yeast infection) is certainly not a new problem, and is usually thought of as a relatively minor, bothersome infection of the mucous membranes, skin and nails. But the increased and sometimes excessive use of antibiotics, birth control pills, prescription medications and steroids can allow candida to become a chronic, systemic […]

Beware of “Legends of the Yeast” Part 2

Legend #3: Yeast causes yeast infections. Fact: This isn’t really true either. While the itching and pain of yeast infection is being caused, usually, by candida yeast, that isn’t what caused the infection in the first place. There are over 17 different environmental and health conditions that can trigger yeast infections. Many of them have […]